Re: 3D sound using the BASS and FMOD Ex libraries.

Searching through the fmodex docs, it seems that the obstacle to implementing reverb with this library is BGT's inability to use structs or C constants. Is there some way around this that I've missed?
I'm specifically looking at FMODEX_System_SetReverbProperties, which takes a reverb_properties as a parameter. There are several constants defined for the most common environments, so a simple FMODEX_System_SetReverbProperties(system, FMOD_PRESETS_STONEROOM) sets the system reverb to the stoneroom preset.
Longshot, but if there isn't a way to do this correctly from BGT, might it be possible to send a variable in the correct format, and hope that the system interprets it as a reverb_properties? Ex, write all the bytes to a string, send the strstring? The only other option that comes to mind is writing a dll specifically for this purpose, which seems like an awful lot of trouble if there's another way. I'm also not sure how hard it would be to keep from breaking this library when doing that (would changing the filename sent to library::open, and including "using FMODEX" in the header for the dll be enough?).