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Topic: help or advice for 2d map creation

HI, so i'm writing a game with a 2D map /area (so north, south, east and west) and although creating  a fairly simple map  such as a square is straight forward, I wonder if anyone can give advice on ideas or suggestions  on the easiest way to creat more complex maps with more shape to them, for example maps in games like Paladin of the sky and manamon have really detailed maps/layouts with lots of details. currently to do this in my game I would manually need to type each bit  of code  to add shape to the map area or to add details to the map, , which is hugely time consuming if I want a complex or large map ., is there an easier way or method  people use  that would make map design easier?


Re: help or advice for 2d map creation

You may want to consider data-driven design for this task. Try reading up on it at gameprogrammingpatterns.com. I know for sure there is a chapter about it on there somewhere and the site is wonderfully structured and accessible with an easy to use table of contents.

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Re: help or advice for 2d map creation

Hi Lukas, thanks for the link i'll check it out.