Topic: Elias implementation in BGT and other languages

I was trying to contact Philip via email at Elias project, but I wasn't able to, probably because he didn't receive my email or whatever (never mind), so I think my second attempt should be here.
Basically, what I'm interested in is implementing Elias in my future games, since I'm aware that 99% of audio games lack support for adaptive music. However, Elias engine documentation is only C-Oriented, and also we all know that using either Unity or Unreal Engine is impossible mission for blind developers. I'm interested in implementing Elias in BGT and Python, because I'm using both for game development. However, when I was trying to make an implementation myself, of course I got stuck because I'm not so experienced with C language, and I will definitely need some help for this. I've downloaded the engine, and there are no any bindings supplied for other languages, and even nothing has be mentioned regarding this on Elias forum or API documentation. That's probably because video game devs are using either C++, Unity or Unreal nowadays.
Thanks in advance for any kind of answer, and congratulations to Philip and the team for new Elias2 release.

Best regards,