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So I just posted to the forum, and once again I got the same old Stop Bots question. For obvious reasons I won't reveal the actual question I get asked every time, except to say that it seems exceptionally vague and nonspecific for a question any human who understands the English language should be able to answer. The reason this is a problem is that there are many ways to interpret this question, and thus, many possible answers. I keep having to resort to entering every answer I can think of, and then entering the realm of "way out there, but somewhat related" answers. It seems like every time I have to face this beast, it makes me answer more times, then finally just gives up and lets my post go through.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there an obvious answer I'm missing? Is there a way to guarantee success on the first try?

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Hi Jayson,

Are you refering to the one about chips? If so, the answer should be potatoes.

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That's one of the answers I've used, and sometimes it works. Often it doesn't. It keeps asking me the same question over and over and over again. Are there other questions? Possibly if I give a wrong answer to that one, it thinks it's asking another question, but never updates what I see?

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Hello, I have had a similar issu, but resolved it. After you type in your answer, do not press enter. For some reason it doesn't like that. I find this annoying, but once you know the problem, it is easy to fix. Instead of pressing enter after completing your entry, tab over to the submit button and press enter or space or whatever.
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It gets annoying to be sure but it's better by far than an unintelligible audio captcha.

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Yes, there's an obvious answer to the stop bots question. If you go to the Blastbay website, you'll notice that, under the software link, the only software available is the Blastbay Game Toolkit, or BGT.
I hope this solves that problem.
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André Filipe Silva

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And of course, you just gave the answer to the question to any spammer who cares to take a look at recent posts. Nice job. Lol!