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hi  I have a question about bgt.  I want to study bgt and make audiogame.  I have a question.  What's different bgt light pro pro unremeted?

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the difference is:

Lite: You can compile your games into executables, but you cannot sell them.

Pro: You can sell one single game, and give away any number of free games.

Pro Unlimited: You can sell any number of games, and also give away any number of free games.

As I understand it, the game executables produced by BGT have a sort of fingerprint which Blastbay, and only Blastbay, can trace to see which licensed copy of BGT was used to create them. That way, they can determine if someone is, for example, selling games in violation of their particular license type.

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That's correct, plus you can not use certain features in the lite version as opposed to either of the two pro ones. These features include, I believe, mouse support, joystick support, the pathfinder object, the pack_file object and possibly more.