Topic: BGT Beta Version 0.4 Released!

Hi all!

I am happy to announce the release of BGT beta version 0.4! This one really packs a punch with it's large number of new features and bug fixes, and is strongly recommended for all BGT users to download. As always, the change log is below:

Beta Version 0.4:
* Changed the way that the script engine interprets characters, so that it now works exclusively with the extended Ascii character set and no longer complains about invalid Unicode sequences every now and then.
* Added two functions (ascii_to_character and character_to_ascii) to convert between string characters and their numerical Ascii representations.
* Added two functions (hex_to_string and string_to_hex) to convert between normal strings and their hexadecimal representations (thanks Felix).
* Added a function called get_characters which retrieves actual characters pressed by the user in the window, so that one no longer has to rely on the BGT keyboard handling to intercept written text.
* Added functions to encrypt and decrypt files and strings using an algorithm that has not yet been cracked by anyone.
* Added an assert function to aid in debugging.
* Added a function called get_call_stack that retrieves a string with the entire nested stack of function calls leading up to the current execution point.
* Added 15 new math functions (round, absolute, floor, ceiling, sine, cosine, tangent, arc_sine, arc_cosine, arc_tangent, square_root, exponent, log, log10, and powwer).
* Updated the number_to_words function to include an extra boolean parameter which specifies whether the word "and" should be inserted in the appropriate places in the output string.
Please note: Existing code using this function needs to be slightly modified in order to run.
* Added a property called running to the timer object that specifies whether a particular timer is running or paused (thanks Damien).
* Limited the call stack size to 2000, which means that the engine will now prevent endless function recursion conditions etc.
* Added an include class that makes it easy to print log files with dated entries (thanks Damien).
* Added an include function to print out properly formatted currencies (thanks Damien).
* Modified the number_speaker class to reflect the change in the number_to_words function.
Please note: Existing code using this class needs to be slightly modified in order to run.
* Changed the internal random number generation algorithm to one that runs considerably faster, supports a wider range of values and is more statistically accurate.
* Added some more details to a rather uninformative engine error message.
* The help file now has a complete searchable index (thanks Damien).
* Fixed a memory access violation that would cause a hard crash when the exit function was called (thanks Lukáš).
* Fixed a bug in the string_replace function that would sometimes cause inaccurate replacements (thanks Damien).
* Fixed a bug where script files would be included incorrectly on Windows 7 64 bit machines (thanks Jodie).
* Fixed a bug where the engine would crash if presented with an unsupported wave file format other than PCM (thanks Casey).

And as if this was not enough, we are also pleased to announce the availability of the BGT Orchestral Music Pack! This pack of professionally produced music features 20 pre-cut loops that are ready to be thrown into any production without editing, as well as 5 stingers that are handy when you need intro sequences and game over themes and the like. The music was composed especially for BGT by Quinten Pendle, and ships in uncompressed CD quality Wave format. Of course, most of you on this forum have known about this music for a while already but I figured it was time for a public announcement.


Kind regards,

        Philip Bennefall