Topic: Palace Punch-up Released!

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce the release of Palace Punch-up, an arcade/action game where your objective is to break your opponent's palace into a pile of debris by throwing rocks at it. At the same time, of course, you have to protect your own palace from suffering the same unhappy end.

This game is freeware, and can be played both against the computer and against a human opponent over the internet, on six difficulty levels.

Head over to the games section of the website, click on "Palace Punch-up" and grab your copy today!

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

Re: Palace Punch-up Released!

Wow! I am impressed and amused by your speed. It was similar with Q9, you released the preview and the actual game came like two days later. You really don't throw out any public news before you are pretty sure the project is almost ready. This is good news for the most part, I think - noone gets too expectant too long ago, when something could still go wrong, and everyone is then nicely surprised by the speed of the release. Looking forward to see the full game after testing it. Great work, many thanks and thumbs up! :-)