Topic: BGT Beta Version 0.3 Released!

Hi all,

I am happy to say that after some truly hectic weeks, BGT beta version 0.3 is here! It features the longest list of changes so far, so please be sure to read it carefully. Users of Windows x64 platforms especially should notice some radical improvements in this version as compared to beta 0.2. As always, the list of changes is below:

Beta Version 0.3:
* Updated the script interpreter to the latest version which fixes some more bugs found by users.
* Added global date and time properties.
* Reworked the menu class to support Sapi.
Please note: Existing code using this class needs to be slightly modified in order to run.
* Added a file_exists function.
* Added two more string functions (string_contains and string_replace) (thanks Damien).
* Added the ability to compile scripts into standalone executables, however this functionality is only available to preorder users.
* Modified the end user license agreement to reflect the fact that demo users will not actually be allowed to compile binary executables.
* Added a privacy policy.
* Some bugs that would occur when playing audio on x64 machines have been fixed.
* The pitch of a sound can no longer go quite as low as in previous versions, as it would often cause unstable behavior.
* Added a property to the sound object called "pitch_lower_limit" that allows you to check how far down the pitch can go for the current sound.
* Disabled the system menu that would appear when pressing the alt key in the game window, as this interfered with the BGT keyboard input (thanks Lukáš).
* The engine now looks for include files properly, e.g. first in the current working directory and then in the BGT include directory.
* Changed the compiler output to specify the full path of the file that the error or warning message in question is refering to. The word "section" has also been changed to "file".
* Added some extended error checking to the compiler which is useful in some rare cases.
* Moved the Blastbay office to a new location (thanks Stockholm furniture Removal Services, sort of).

I hope that some of you will find these new features useful, and if you have any comments or questions or worries or complaints or problems or... That sort of thing then speak out! We need more discussion on the Blastbay forum so come on and join, but above all, make games!

The beta can be found at:

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall