Topic: BGT Beta Version 0.2 Released!

Hi all,

After roughly a month of intensive work, I am very pleased to announce the availability of BGT beta version 0.2. The new changes are as follows:

* Updated the script interpreter to the latest version which fixes some more bugs found by users.
* File reading and writing support has been added, both for binary and text files.
* Properties to get the current position and total length of a sound have been added to the sound object, along with a method to set the position as well.
* Partial support for Microsoft Sapi 5.1 text to speech has been added.
* A fully featured waveform tone generator has been added which allows the creation of musical compositions using sine, sawtooth and square waves.
* Fixed a few minor errors in the tutorial.
* The error edit control now uses word wrap rather than a scroll bar.
* Switched from the MinGw C++ compiler to Visual Studio 2008, which brings us up to date with all the latest Microsoft features, and which also produces an executable that is roughly 400 kb smaller and runs considerably faster.
* Fixed a few object methods where I had forgotten to set the global error flag based on the results.

The beta can be found in the same location as version 0.1, which is to say:

Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall