Topic: advanced text menu and speak script

hello guys and girls
A while ago I coded two developer tools for use in BGT:
Text menu:
The text menu from BGT allows for you to create an advanced men uthat can be spoken in a screen reader.
allows for background music adjustment for volume
allows for repeat of the main menu prompt
allows for joystick movement
allows for home and end functionality
is well commented

speak script from bgt:
This really cool speak script takes the tts_voice object and the screen reader stuff and combines them into an easy-to-use script.
No longer must you struggle with syntax and _ and . and all the rest of it.
This script checks to see if a screen reader is running and if it is and can be supported, will use that to speak the text.
If there are no readers running or it is not supported, TTS is used.
To speak something is easy:
speak("Hello world!");

Both of these handy scripts can be obtained from:

We also have developed a character counter and number checker which are useful for checking your script is balanced, and all your number sounds work.
These can be obtained from the link above.

You may use these in any of your products in BGT, be it commercial or otherwise but if you do use them, we require you give Nathan Tech credit in the form below:
Words in brackets [bracket] are optional and changeable.

An [absolutely huge] thanks must go to Nathan Tech for allowing us to use their [insert script name] in this game. They can be found at and their scripts have really helped to enhance [this game, or name the element]. Thanks a lot!

Hope you enjoy my work.