Topic: survive the wild!

Hi guys it's sam and I am new to this forum. I just figured i'd tell you about my game that I made. I am very good at bgt but havn't posted on here once. Anyway, survive the wild is a game whare your in the wild, just wilderness. Note this currently is in beta so not all of this is complete, but you can eat, drink, start fires by cutting down trees, kill people and animals, partake in rollplay, do random things like drop wood on someones head if you feel like it, etc. And you've noticed i've used words like rollplay or, someone, yes folks, it is multi-player. The bgt network object might not be quite ment for this but I can tell you that with 14 players online, sure there was some lag, but not what you'd expect. At least after I change some serious things with it. But, if you wanna check out the beta, it's Even though it's a beta, I hope you enjoy!

It's me, it's the Sammyboy, it's the odd one! If you all want you can check out my website(still under development) at